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Maharaja Jiwajirao Library (Central Library)
Vikram University, Ujjain - 456010
Curriculum Vitae
Dr. Kaushik Bose
Office: Librarian I/c, University Central Library, Vikram University, Ujjain - 456010
Phone: 0734-2511214 Fax: 0734-2511214 Email:  mjlibrary_vu@rediffmail.com
Residence: 230 Mahashakti Nagar, Dewas Road, Ujjain-456010(Madhya Pradesh)
Email: Kaushikbose@ymail.com
# Heading the University Central Library.
# Modernization of the University Central Library, coordinating its services with other
national networks.
# Library Computerization, collection development, problems in retro conversion of documents, Reference Sources and Information technology applications in Libraries are the major areas of work.
# Organizing the Orientation Programmes for the benefit of the Teachers, Researchers and other  professionals.
# Guiding the students in their dissertation works.
# 2010 to Present Librarian, Central Library, Vikram University, Ujjain
# 1992-2010 Library Assistant, Pt JNIBM, Vikram University,Ujjain
# 1986-1987 Technical Supervisor, INFLIBNET Programme, Vikram University, Ujjain
Librarian I/c, Central Library, Vikram University, Ujjain.
# Responsible for the maintenance of the University Library system.
# Providing the library and information services to the faculty members, students of
UG/PG and research Scholars. Presently the main library caters to about 1500 members of all categories.
# Compiled reading lists/ bibliographies on the various topics.
# Streamlined the library system in providing effective services to the members.
# Instrumental in the computerization of the library holdings of central library under SOUL.2
# Introduced the subscription to electronic journals online (J gate).
# Coordinating with a number of National networks (INDEST,INFLIBNET)for getting the required information to the research community.
# Helping the research community in collecting the literature on internet .
# Delivering the Academic Clients in using the library resources across the world on net.
Library Assistant, Pt JNIBM, Vikram University, Ujjain from:25.05.92 to 04.06.2010
# Worked against the Post of the Library Assistant.
# Responsible for the maintenance of the Management Faculty Library system which includes the Student Home Library and the Institute Libraries.
# Provided the library and information services to the faculty members and the students
from Post Graduation level to PhD Level.
# Streamlined the library system in providing effective services to the members.
# Instrumental in bringing India Stat Databases on CD ROM and then on net
# Introduced the subscription to the international journals
# Looked after the Current and Bound Volumes of the Periodicals Responsible for the Acquisition, work, classification and cataloguing work, and general administration work,
# Helped the research community in collecting the literature on internet. Technical Supervisor, I NFLIBNET Programme, Vikram University, Ujjain 1986-87
# Worked against the post of Technical Supervisor for 14 months.
# Planned and executed the INFLIBNET system Up to final Stage of Data Conversion.
# Participated as Tech. Supervisor in INFLIBNET Annual Review Committee meeting in Punjabi University, PatIala, Punjab, Dec17-21, 1987
Library Computerizations. AmaravatiUniversity, Maharastra, 1991 under MPCOST team.
Research Experience: Guiding the students in their Dissertation work .
Other Activities:
# Acted as resource person MPCOST, Bhopal for CDS-ISIS training courses for College Librarians in Madhya Pradesh 1996-97
# Acted as an Expert member in the panel for BPLNET
Member, BPLNET from 2009
Life member, Indian Library Association, New Delhi
Life member, Computer Society of India, Mumbai
Member Madhya Pradesh Technical Library Association, Bhopal
# Published 3 Books.
Information Networks in India: Problems and Prospects, Ess Ess Pub, NewDelhi, 1995
Distributed Databases in India, Ess Ess Pub, New Delhi, 1998
Handbook of Aquatics: Quality Pub. New Delhi, 2002
# Published 33 Research Papers in International Conferences, National Conferences,  Seminars, Journals
List of Research Papers and Articles Published in Indian and Foreign Journals
1.  A Glance of Database Development in India. Seminar on BPL Net, 2 Nov..1999.

2.  Metropolitan Networks: Some point to be Remembered. Seminar on BPL Net,

3.  Higher Education in India. Univ. News Letter. 7Jan. 1998.
4.  Pollution in the Cities and Environment Audit: An Agenda for Change. International Congress on Sustainable Development of Environment and Wildlife.18-21 Dec. 1997, CEM, Ujjain.

5.  Retrofitting the EDP Advisor : Security Skills Needs: Seminar on Internationalisation Accounting : Challenges and Opportunities, MLS Univ. Udipur, 10 Aug, 1997.

6.  Trade Information Databases : An Overview. CALIBER, Patiala, 1997.

7.  Network Application and Services in India.: Reaches New Height. CALIBER, Boroda, Jan.,1996.

8.  Communication Standards for Information Networks in India. CSI Communications, Nov. 1994. 18Aug.1998.    

9.  Information Databases- An Overview. CSI Communications, Jan. 1995.                                                                                                   
10. Problems in the Development of Information  CSI Communications, July. 1994.

11. Information Networks for Geographical Information Networks in India.: A Proposal. Tokyo. OCED Proceedings, 1994. summer

12. E-Mail in India. CLIS Observer, 1994.

13. User Education Programme in this Information Era needs New Approach. IATLIS, 1994.

14. MIS : Changes in the 1990's. IATLIS, 1994.

15. Bibliometric Study of INICAE. INICAE, 1994.

16. Software, Protocols, and Management Supports in Information Networks in India. INICAE, 1994.

17. Analytical Study of Doctoral Dissertation in LIS submitted in US and Indian Universities. IASLIC Conf. Ankushpur, 1994.

18. Communication Standards for Information  ICCCP, IIT Madras, Dec. 1994.

19. Expert System for Network Management. IEEE Proceedings. IEEE, New York. June, 1993.

20. Information Technology : Where We Are? 38th All India Library Conference,  Bhubaneshwar, 22Nov. 1992.

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25. Indian Book Industry at the Cross Roads. X th IATLIS Conference, Pune,4th  Nov.1992.

26. Local Area Network : How it can work in University Information System.  Library Herald, New Delhi,1991.

27. Security and Privacy in Network Environment  37 th All India Library Conference on National Information Policies and Programmes, Madras. 4-7 Dec. 1991. 

28. Information Networks in India. International Conference  on Information Technology and  National Development, B.H.U., 16 Dec, 1991.

29. Information  Resource  Management  : The New Challenge. IASLIC Bull. Calcutta, 1991.

30. ISDN : Evolution of new Information Technology. Herald of Library Sc.vol.30. no.3-4,Lukhnow,1991.

31. Information Networks: A Review of their Architecture and Implementation. H.J. Upadhya Festschrift vol, Ess Ess Pub, New Delhi,1992

32. Optical Disk and its Impact on LIS. VII  IATLIS  National Seminar, Bangalore, 31 Jan, 1991.

33. Application of Information Technology in Library and Information Science.  VII  IATLIS  National Seminar, Bangalore, 31 Jan, 1991.

# Two times CSI (Computer Society of India) Magazines Best Article of the month.
Date of Birth: 18 October 1965.
Motherís Name: Smt. Sova Bose
Fatherís Name: Sri. Keshab Ranjan Bose
Marital Status: Married: One Girl Child
Native Place: Golf Green, Kolkata, West Bengal,Pin:700040
Educational Qualifications:
Degree Subjects University Year Division
# PhD (Library and Information Science)1994. School of Studies in Library and Information Science, Vikram University, Ujjain.
# MLISc. 1990. School of Studies in Library and Information Science, Vikram University, First Rank, 68.8% Marks.
# BLISc. 1989.  School of Studies in Library and Information Science, Vikram University, First Rank; 60.6% Marks.
# BSc. 1986.University of North Bengal, West Bengal-734 401. Second Rank; 62.6% Marks.
# HSc. 1983.West Bengal Board of Higher Secondary Education, 57.3% Marks.
# Qualified in UGC's NET, 1991.
# CCSc, from INSDOC (CSIR),New Delhi.1992.

I hereby declare that the above information is true to the best of my knowledge & belief.
Dr Kaushik Bose
Date: 17 July  2011
Place: Ujjain
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